Fragrance: Family Christmas

Secret d'Apothicaire scented candle

Behind each of our fragrances is a story. A story lived and told by the Apothecary during one of his various trips in France and all over the world...

Let's celebrate the Holiday season with the one behind our Family Christmas scent, which is available as scented candle and room spray:

Aromatic note: reminiscent of the orange and lemon hesperides and warm from the spicy cinnamon.

The apothecary wrote in his Sri Lanka travel journal about the cinnamon and orange:
« I brought back this brown orange peel from Sri Lanka. It resulted in these fragrances which reminded me of my childhood with the Christmas oranges and cinnamon biscuits hidden near the fireplace. I captured these notes in my plant wax to make a candle which I light to evoke my Christmases in a perfumer-apothecary’s family in order to share this moment... »

This fragrance is available as:
Cream Pot 60ml / 170ml
Caravelle 250ml
Candy Glass Jar 400ml
Apothecary Porcelain Jar Pot from Limoges 400ml / 1100ml
Room spray 150ml

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