Our Story

Our History...

Muriel and Frédéric had a dream... To reunite their passions through a common project. Using Muriel’s love for art and staging and Frederic’s adoration for botany, history and the universe of the apothicaries, they gave birth to «Secret d’Apothicaire» and its range of natural aromatic candles and elixirs.

Created and produced by hand in Normandy, following the tradition of old style preparations, the candles are 100% made of natural soy and bee wax. Their pretty and milky white tint is mixed with natural fragrances from Grasse. All candles are inspired by numerous trips that Muriel and Frédéric made together, with evocative names full of poetry: “Return from India, Trip to Marrakech, Memories of Orient, Summer night dream...”

They are presented in exquisite glass officinal brown Victorian cream jars, in transparent candy stamped jars with a red wax seal, and also unique faience pieces inspired from old XVIIIth faience craftsmen pots maker, manufactured in Limoges.

... Know How

« Ever since I was a young girl, I have been immersed in the universe of my father,a pharmacist, who would prepare his remedies in his dispensary and share with me the secrets of the apothecary. Between my father’s creations and my mother’s talent for interior design, it was only natural that I would take this adventure to heart and seek to perpetuate what they both created with so much passion. That is why I quickly became actively involved in the exclusively artisanal manufacturing process which is so important to us.

From the design of the fragrance to the pouring of the wax and right down to the selection of the cotton wick, it is by maste- ring each of these stages that we are able to offer a unique candle of the finest quality. Drawing inspiration from a particular universe enables me to develop a fragrance in our workshop along with a decorative container which always remains true to the values of our brand which we are proud to develop 100% in Normandy.

An integral part of our activity, the research, the formulation and the creativity behind the new fragrances, the attention to detail and the desire to offer attractive products which fully respect the tradition laid down by master candle makers, such
as my father. Taking the time to do things just so, respecting ancestral practices, preserving a human and artisanal vision of our wonderful profession of “master candle maker”, this is my greatest source of pride! I hope to be able to pay homage to my parents for many more years to come. »

- Charlotte Dana -